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Iran has worked off an attack on the US aircraft carrier

Iran has worked off an attack on the US aircraft carrier

The Islamic revolutionary guard corps conducts maneuvers under the code name Great prophet-14.

In Iran, the military practiced an attack on an American aircraft carrier during exercises taking place in the Persian Gulf and the Western part of the Strait of Hormuz. To do this, they used a copy of the ship, Tasnim Agency reported on Tuesday, July 28.

It is indicated that the Islamic revolutionary guard corps (IRGC, part of the armed forces of Iran) is currently conducting maneuvers in the southern part of the country under the code name Great prophet-14 with the participation of naval and aerospace forces.

During the exercise, the Iranian armed forces receive data from the Nur satellite, Iran's first military satellite, which was launched into orbit in April this year.

The Agency published the moment when the missile was launched from a helicopter gunship. It is also reported that the Iranian military has worked out measures to capture the aircraft carrier using boats and helicopters.

Recall that last year, the Iranian military threatened to “send to the bottom” American warships with secret weapons if they commit “some stupidity”.

It was also reported that in May, during an exercise, the Iranian Navy's Jamaran destroyer mistakenly fired at and sank a friendly ship. 19 people were killed and 15 others were injured.

And recently, seven ships caught fire in the Iranian port city of Bushehr.

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