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In the US came up with a plan to stimulate the economy because of the COVID-19

In the US, Republican senators presented a new package of measures to stimulate the economy in the amount of about a trillion dollars.

“Republican senators have developed a new framework of decisive measures to help our country,” said the leader of the Republican majority in the upper house of the legislature, Mitch McConnell (from Kentucky). Earlier, the plan was agreed with the administration of US President Donald Trump.

The bill proposes to allocate an additional $16 billion to conduct tests for coronavirus, and more than $100 billion to educational institutions to help them resume work by the fall. One-time payments are provided to certain categories of citizens, as well as assistance to small businesses. At the same time, the initiative proposes to reduce the weekly increase in unemployment benefits from the current $600 to $200. This measure, according to the plan of the Republicans, will be in effect for two months, after which Americans will be provided with about 70% of the payment they received before they were unable to work due to the pandemic.

Both Democrats and Republicans have already expressed disagreement with some points of the plan, and the bill is expected to undergo significant changes in the coming days.

Earlier it was reported that the White House said that payments to Americans due to the coronavirus were excessive.

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