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Interference in US elections: the Senate will soon release the last part of the report

Interference in US elections: the Senate will soon release the last part of the report

The Special Committee on Intelligence of the US Senate may in a few weeks publish the last part of its report, prepared as a result of the investigation of foreign interference in the course of the US presidential election in 2016. This is reported by the Hill.

The office of the Director of National intelligence has already finished checking the document for classified information and returned it to lawmakers last week. Now, it is expected that the comments made by the intelligence community will be evaluated, after which the declassified version of the fifth part of the report can be made public.

The first part of the document on election security was published a year ago. Later, lawmakers released three more excerpts, which deal with the actions of the previous President Barack Obama's administration in connection with Russian interference, the role of social networks in influencing the election campaign, and the results of the Committee's analysis of intelligence findings. The fifth part of the report will reflect the conclusions of senators related to counterintelligence issues.

Interference in the American election process in 2016 is incriminated to Russia by the US intelligence services. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller spent almost two years as a special prosecutor investigating these influence attempts. On April 18, the US Justice Department released its final report.

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