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Instagram was caught spying on users through a camera?

Instagram was caught spying on users through a camera?

Users of the Instagram photo-sharing app found out that the program can track the owner of the device.

The beta version of the mobile operating system iOS 14 helped detect a flaw in the app, according to Internet sources.

Users have noticed that when scrolling through the news feed, the smartphone camera may automatically turn on. At the same time, the owner of the gadget does not take a video or take a photo. However, Instagram's "surveillance" of users turned out to be just a bug.

According to the app developers, specialists are working on fixing the error. It is noted that the program should only access the smartphone camera when the user has given the app the appropriate permission.

Instagram developers assure users that the app does not collect user data, despite the camera is automatically turned on. This is not the first time that iOS 14 has helped iPhone owners detect a bug.

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