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Space security talks: why the US doesn't trust Russia

Space security talks: why the US doesn't trust Russia

Consultations between the US and Russia have begun in Vienna, where delegations will discuss current issues in the field of international security and arms control in space, Deutsche Welle reports.

One of the objectives of the meeting will be to try to bring together the positions of the parties on ensuring space security. While Russia and China insist on preparing an international Treaty on the non-deployment of weapons in outer space, the US holds a different view.

According to Washington, such a Treaty is impractical, since it is practically impossible to define space weapons and monitor compliance with such a Treaty.

Assistant Secretary of state for international security Christopher Ford said that the United States at the talks with the Russian Federation in Vienna intends to develop norms of constructive behavior in space. Washington considers the proposals to prepare an international Treaty on the non-placement of weapons in outer space “bad ideas”, Ford confirmed.” the Good ideas, — he believes, are how to find the best way to make space more predictable or stable, while maintaining access to it.”

The US military has recently been focusing more and more on protecting its satellites from competing powers. The anti-satellite capabilities of such countries, according to Washington, may threaten the US orbital grouping. In addition, the US is also afraid of other military activities in the near-earth space. So, the US space command said that it has evidence that Russia has tested a space-based anti-missile weapon. The Russian side denied these claims.

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