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China has tested the world's largest amphibious aircraft

China has tested the world's largest amphibious aircraft

The world's largest Chinese amphibious aircraft, the AG600, made a test flight, reported on December 24 in its Twitter channel China Xinhua News.

The AG600 test flight took place in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, China. According to open data, the AG600 is the world's largest amphibious aircraft, equipped with four screw engines. Its wingspan is about 39 meters, its length is more than 39 meters, its height is 12 meters, its maximum take-off weight is about 53 tons, and its maximum flight range is about 5000 km. The aircraft can be used for fire fighting (it carries about 12 tons of water) and for search and rescue operations (it carries more than 50 passengers).

Recall that the media reported that the AG600 was specially designed to protect China's interests in the South China Sea, which has many hard-to-reach Islands and reefs. The South China sea is one of the ”hot spots“ around which there are territorial conflicts, and a zone of special interests of China, in which China is systematically increasing its presence.

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