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Spain assured of the country's security for tourists

Spanish authorities say that the coronavirus outbreaks in the country are under control and completely isolated.

According to the ”BBC”, Madrid said this after the decision of the UK to send to quarantine those who came from Spain.

Since Sunday, July 26, the requirement of a 14-day quarantine came into force, and, according to the media, it was introduced without warning, which angered many travelers and carriers.

Meanwhile, the head of the Spanish Foreign Ministry assured that the country is safe for both Spaniards and tourists.

After the removal of COVID restrictions in this country, the number of infections began to grow. In some regions, new measures are being introduced, in particular, making the mask regime mandatory.

Of particular concern is the growing number of young people who are ill, the BBC notes. There is also an increase in the number of infections in France and Germany.

In the UK itself, flights to this country are canceled due to the requirement to observe a quarantine after returning from Spain.

In Spain today, more than 272 thousand confirmed cases of COVID-19, about 28,400 people have died of the virus.

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