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The US will support the economy with another trillion dollars

Anti-crisis measures of the US authorities have already become the largest in the history of the country, even taking into account the memorable 2008.

However, the Ministry of Finance concluded that three trillion dollars “poured” into the economy will not be enough to offset the effects of coronavirus and quarantine.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Fox News that President Donald Trump's Republican party intends to knock out another trillion on “priority and urgent things.”

At the same time, it is noted that the democratic party insists on a much larger aid package, which includes direct payments to American families.

After the vote in Congress, the last word on anti-crisis measures will remain with trump, but he is very skeptical about such waste.

Recall that in April, Mnuchin assured that the US economy affected by the coronavirus pandemic will begin to recover quickly after the opening of the country. The quarantine began to be lifted in May, and in July the situation with the virus in the United States deteriorated significantly. At the same time, Washington hopes that taking into account the measures taken and the trillions of dollars invested, the economy will quickly compensate for the period of forced stagnation.

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