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The launch of a Japanese space rocket failed in the last seconds

The launch of a Japanese space rocket failed in the last seconds

The launch of the MOMO space rocket of the Japanese company Interstellar Technologies was automatically interrupted a few seconds before launch. The reason was an abnormal excess of engine temperature. This is stated in the company's message on Twitter.

The company promised to disclose details of the failed launch later, as well as to announce the date of a new launch. The company noted that after the failed launch, the entire territory of the spaceport was cleared of propellants ejected by the nozzle.

The failed launch took place at a special site on the island of Hokkaido. Its broadcast can be viewed on the company's YouTube channel.

This is not the first attempt by a Japanese company to launch MOMO into space. Initially, the rocket was prepared for launch in mid-July, but due to adverse weather conditions, the launch was postponed. This went on several times.

Interstellar Technologies has developed a lightweight MOMO launch vehicle for low-cost low-earth orbit insertion of small satellites. In total, the company has conducted three launches, of which only the last one was successful, which took place in May 2019.

The rocket itself is a small-sized carrier. It looks like a huge pencil: MOMO is ten meters high and its diameter is only 50 centimeters.

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