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Pompeo denies US attempts to put pressure on Ukraine

The US Secretary of State also noted that “private individuals often participate in the conduct of American foreign policy.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo never saw evidence that Washington was trying to get any action from Kyiv in exchange for financial and military assistance.

Answering a question in an interview with ABC about whether the US administration was guided by this approach, Pompeo replied: “I have never seen anything like this with regard to the decision-making process in which I participated, decisions about whether to provide assistance through the US Department of Defense, as well as the State Department, to repel Russia. “

“It has always been about what the strategic consequences will be, whether the funds will go where they should, whether they will be directed where necessary in the light of corruption in Ukraine, how we can guarantee this. Is it advisable for us to provide defensive weapons,” he said.

The Secretary of State was also asked whether the lawyer of US President Donald Trump Rudolf Giuliani reported to him about his activities in Ukraine. “I do not discuss decision-making processes within the administration,” Pompeo replied. He also recalled that “private individuals often participate in the conduct of American foreign policy.”

Pompeo confirmed that Giuliani passed on to Washington the information he collected in Ukraine. “It’s true, I received some materials contained in a sealed envelope, I handed it over to responsible persons in the State Department for consideration. I never looked at them,” the Secretary of State said.

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