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In the state of Texas, an emergency mode was introduced due to the hurricane

Authorities expect storms, torrential rains, and flooding in coastal areas. There is a threat to the lives of the local population.

The Governor of the US state of Texas, Greg Abbott, has declared a state of emergency in a number of counties due to hurricane Hanna, according to a statement on the Governor's website.

Emergency mode is being introduced in 32 of the state's 254 counties, most of the coastal. This measure allows local authorities to access some additional funds and use more resources in disaster response. This, in particular, makes it possible to involve the National Guard in rescue or recovery operations.

According to the website of American Electric Power, which is responsible for power supply in the area, almost 60 thousand consumers were left without power. Earlier, the authorities recommended evacuating the population of several small coastal cities.

Also, precautions are taken in neighboring Mexico. The national civil defense administration of the country reported that a high (“orange”) alert level was declared in several areas of the northeastern states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon in connection with the approach of the hurricane.

It is expected that the hurricane will bring heavy rains to the territory of Mexico, in some areas it is predicted to fall from 150 to 250 liters of water per square meter.

The cyclone is expected to arrive in Mexico on Sunday morning, local time.

The hurricane hit the coast of Texas the day before. The wind speed within the hurricane is about 40 m/s. Hanna is moving South-West at a speed of 3.6 m/s.

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