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Trump condemned the ban on the use of the Confederate flag at US military facilities

Trump condemned the ban on the use of the Confederate flag at US military facilities

US President Donald Trump was extremely dissatisfied with the decision of the United States Secretary of defense Mark Esper to ban the use of Confederate army flags at national military facilities, CNN reported.

According to sources of the TV company, the American leader “became indignant” when he learned about the decision of the head of the Pentagon to ban the use of the battle flag, under which Confederate soldiers during the American Civil war (1861-1865) fought with the northerners. At the same time, according to sources, Esper does not face dismissal from the post of head of the Pentagon, despite the fact that his relations with the American leader have deteriorated significantly in recent months.

Earlier, the head of the Pentagon published a Memorandum on his Twitter page, which lists the flags that are allowed to be displayed at facilities run by the US Department of defense. The Confederate battle flag is not on this list. The document emphasizes that the new rules do not apply to Museum exhibitions, burial sites, monuments, historical exhibits and works of art where the display of the flag “cannot be considered as a support for this flag by the Department of defense” of the United States.

Recall that in June, the chief of staff of the US Navy, Admiral Mike Kilday, instructed to prepare an order to ban the use of the Confederate flag“ in all public and working places of the fleet, in buildings, on ships, aircraft, and submarines.”

Controversies about the appropriateness of Confederate symbols flared up in the United States with new force in the light of the death of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota).

Against this background, the speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi called for the removal of Confederate statues in the US Congress building, including the figure of the only President of the Confederate States of America (CSA) Jefferson Davis (1808-1889). Later, the US House of Representatives supported the removal of Confederate statues in Congress.

In addition, US army Secretary Ryan McCarthy expressed readiness to discuss the possibility of renaming us military bases named after the confederates. The head of the knish of the US armed forces, General Mark Milli, supported the renaming of bases with the names of the confederates.

US President Donald Trump refused to rename US military bases named after the confederates, calling on Americans to“ protect and preserve their history, their heritage, and their great heroes.”

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