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The meteorite fell in the North of the island of Tenerife

The meteorite fell in the North of the island of Tenerife

The meteorite fell in the North of the island of Tenerife in the Autonomous community of the Canary Islands. This was reported by the newspaper Diario de Avisos.

The space body fell on July 14, but this event has only become known now. The island's science and space Museum confirmed what happened thanks to one of its cameras.

The newspaper also published pictures showing the fall of the meteorite.

The meteorite could have fallen between the municipalities of Icod de Los Vinos and Buenavista del Norte. According to unconfirmed information, black pieces of a space body the size of a coin are scattered in the fall zone, they weigh from 10 to 50 grams.

Earlier, a resident of Japan saw fragments of a meteorite that flew over the Earth in early July near her home. The woman passed the find to the scientists. After the explosion in the sky, only small fragments weighing 63 and 70 grams reached the earth.

And on the night of July 2, a meteor flew over Tokyo. During its fall, local residents heard a sound similar to an explosion.

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