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Timing is running out, but the British have not decided: Brexit to be or not to be?

Less than two weeks are left before Britain leaves the European Union, but it is still not clear how it will all end. Today, for example, a vote was held on the next amendment on the postponement of Brexit. 322 people voted for the “divorce” of Britain and Europe, against 306. Thus, Johnson will have to ask for another postponement. But he is not going to do it.

The British Prime Minister continues to insist: London will leave the EU on October 31, no matter what.

He does not care about the opinions of deputies, and at the demonstration of the population. By the way, the British poured into the streets not even in thousands, but in tens of thousands, demanding that the kingdom remains in the European Union. Even the mayor of London, Sadik Khan, took part in the protests.

Apparently, no matter what the story with Brexit would end, Johnson would still be pulled out of the government. Europeans clearly do not know how to negotiate with the government of neighboring countries, or with their own population. Because these “freedom lovers” are completely unwilling to listen to each other.

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