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The court refused to prohibit the use of Federal agencies in Portland

The court refused to prohibit the use of Federal agencies in Portland

A court in the United States refused to ban Federal law enforcement officials from detaining protesters in Portland, Oregon. This was reported on Friday by the Associated Press (AP).

According to him, the corresponding claim to the Federal district court for the district of Oregon was filed earlier by the attorney general of the same state Ellen Rosenbloom. She insisted that the court should impose a temporary ban on the use of Federal forces in the city, explaining that people could suffer as a result of their actions.

Judge Michael Masmanno refused to move the case on the grounds that the plaintiffs in this case do not have sufficient authority to appeal to the court on behalf of the state's residents. According to AR, he pointed out that the Prosecutor's office can not represent the interests of citizens, as the fear of possible consequences of detentions in the future is not a sufficient reason for the introduction of a ban on the use of Federal agencies forces in the city.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump told reporters that he could use large-scale assets of Federal law enforcement agencies to fight protesters in cities where Democrats are in power. He noted that Federal forces had already been sent to Portland and the same measures could be taken for Chicago and New York.

Armed Federal law enforcement officers were involved in the dispersal of rioters in Portland. Representatives of the Democratic party in this regard criticized the US administration. Trump has previously repeatedly stated that democratic governors and mayors do not take decisive measures to combat crime.

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