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Doctors explain why tests for coronavirus are wrong

Doctors explain why tests for coronavirus are wrong

You need to pass the test several times

Tests for COVID-19 can give an erroneous result since sometimes they are not able to determine whether the coronavirus is active in the body or the immune system has already been able to cope with it.

There are tests whose sensitivity is not high enough — they do not allow you to detect antibodies if the latter are few. In some cases, the test result is determined by the organization of the testing procedure. If the tests are aimed at a failed antigen, they can detect a residual trace of other pathogens, virologists say.

There are many types of tests. Of course, each test has certain limitations. Sometimes false results are obtained due to incorrect selection of the genome site. Tests from China have been doing this since the beginning of the pandemic. Now the sensitivity of tests for coronavirus is at the level of 95-96%, so errors sometimes still happen. In order to protect yourself from errors, you need to pass the test several times.

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