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You can’t threaten: for what Twitter can block the president

Twitter explained what they will ban world leaders

The official blog of Twitter published rules of conduct for top officials of states that determine what content they can or cannot post. The new set of principles is expected to solve the situation with US President Donald Trump, who, according to the public, Twitter forgives too much.

The Twitter platform has often been criticized for its actions in relation to the accounts of public people, in particular, politicians. It would be more correct to call this activity “inaction”, as the company often allows political figures to make such statements for which ordinary users would easily get a ban.

However, such personalities are forgiven to prominent figures, for example, US President Donald Trump — Twitter management claims that its publications carry public significance, and their removal will not allow citizens to conduct discussions on important issues.

Nevertheless, such rules were not enough, so a new set of principles regarding world leaders appeared on the Twitter blog. With its help, the platform wants to dot all the “i's” and explain what is possible and what cannot be published to politicians.

“Today we want to clarify — the accounts of world leaders must also comply with our rules of conduct,” they say on Twitter.

At the same time, the blog contains a list of topics that are not permissible even for presidents.

So, for example, a politician’s account will be blocked if he allows himself to promote terrorism, publish private information related to a non-public person, for example, his home address or phone number, as well as intimate photos or videos without the consent of the participant, allow himself statements that suggest humbling minors, and promote self-mutilation.

In addition, direct threats against individuals are prohibited from the first persons of the states, but it is noted that the moderator will take into account the context of the message.

In all other cases, Twitter refuses to punish politicians, again citing the public importance of their publications.

It is known that the head of the United States, Donald Trump, is one of the main reasons why Twitter was criticized — users have repeatedly pointed out the too controversial nature of some of his tweets. We can separately recall his numerous use of nuclear weapons against North Korea, as well as ridicule against the country's leader Kim Jong-un.

“Military resources are in place and fully prepared for battle if North Korea behaves unreasonably. I hope that Kim Jong-un will choose a different path, ” reads the record of the American president from 2017.

However, if you reread the rules of conduct published by Twitter, it is easy to notice that Trump's unguided hint does not violate any of them. He threatens not a specific person, but an entire country, which, as it turned out, is not prohibited.

Thus, the President of the United States essentially retained his invulnerability on Twitter, which he chose as his “favorite” online platform, allowing himself to speak out on the vastness of the service for any reason.

In early October 2019, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris sent a letter to Twitter head Jack Dorsey requesting to block Trump's account by linking to six tweets that carry direct threats and calls for violence. The company promised to respond to Harris's complaint, but it is unlikely that this time the US president will be subjected to any punishment.

The most terrible sanctions that Twitter has ever applied to Trump was the removal of several of his posts, but not for inciting hatred, but because of copyright. So, in April 2019, the American president published a “trailer” for his 2020 election campaign, using music from the Hollywood movie “The Dark Knight: The Return of the Legend.” As a result, the video was deleted. A couple of months earlier, a video was made from Trump’s account that made fun of members of the Democratic Party, as it used the track of the rock band R.E.M. “Everybody Hurts.”

At the same time, in 2017, Donald Trump's Twitter account was truly blocked, although temporarily.

A former employee of the company, who decided in this way to “celebrate” his last day at the workplace, deactivated the profile of the American leader. Despite the fact that the president’s profile was unavailable for only 11 minutes, Twitter users managed to joke a lot and thank the nameless hero, who rallied the whole nation for a short time.

“The first successful coup in American history was made by an intern with thick fingers,” said New York Times author Max Fisher.

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