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The US Senate approved the draft military budget

The US Senate has approved its version of the draft defense budget for the next fiscal year (starting in the country on October 1), in which strategic competition with Russia is given a priority role.

The document, among other things, obliges the US administration to tighten sanctions against Nord Stream 2. We are talking about imposing restrictions on companies that work with Russian vessels completing the construction of the pipeline. The draft defense budget adopted by the congressmen also contains an article on tightening restrictions on the “Nord Stream 2”.

Senators extend restrictions on providing information to Russia about US missile defense.

The upper house of the US legislature stated in the document that “ long-term strategic competition with Russia is a top priority of US defense, which requires constant investment and enhanced deterrence due to the level of the threat presented.”

At the same time, the senators demanded that the administration provide a report on Russia's support for extremist groups in Europe and the United States that threaten US national security. Lawmakers also oblige the US government to “ extend restrictions on the import of low-enriched uranium to the United States from the Russian Federation until 2035.”

The Senate bill allocates $636.4 billion as the Pentagon's budget, $25.9 billion for national security programs within the Department of energy, and $69 billion for military operations abroad.

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