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Bubonic plague: WHO explained how to protect yourself

Bubonic plague: WHO explained how to protect yourself

The bubonic plague epidemic that broke out in Northern China has caused concern around the world.

The World Health Organization has published recommendations on how to protect yourself from infection on its official website.

“To prevent infection with pneumonic plague, do not approach (less than 2 meters) coughing people and spend less time in crowded areas,” the recommendations say.

WHO also advises not to touch dead animals and use insect repellents to repel insects when located in areas endemic to the plague.

If you are in an area where an outbreak of bubonic plague continues, you can wear a mask depending on the degree of contact with people who have become ill.

“Residents of localities where cases of plague have been detected can wear face masks if they wish, but they should be properly used and disposed of so that they themselves do not become sources of infection,” the report says.

The WHO noted that masks sometimes help limit the spread of pneumonic plague if they are correctly used by sick people (to reduce the spread of drops) and health workers (to protect themselves).

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