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The mayor of Portland was poisoned by tear gas during the protests

The mayor of Portland was poisoned by tear gas during the protests

The mayor of the American city of Portland, Ted Wheeler, went to the protest and inhaled tear gas, which was sprayed by Federal special forces.

According to the mayor, he decided to join the protesters, speaking out against the security forces, which Wheeler called “the occupying power.” This is reported by the Washington Post.

“I am here tonight to stand by you no matter what. If they use tear gas against you, they will use it against me, “ Wheeler said.

However, the protesters were mostly skeptical of the mayor's statement.

During his speech, many chanted slogans calling for Wheeler to resign.

Some also expressed bewilderment at the fact that the mayor waited so long before joining the participants in the protests, which have been going on in Portland for 50 days.

The protesters also accused the mayor of populism, saying that he could have used the local police to protect citizens from Federal forces, but did not do so.

The protesters did not respond sympathetically to the mayor even after he was caught in a cloud of tear gas sprayed by Federal special forces.

Participants of the action began to ask him what tear gas tastes like and how he can allow residents of the city he leads to be regularly poisoned.

Earlier, we reported that the mayors of major US cities intend to complain about Trump to Congress

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