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Mayors of American cities accused Trump of tyranny

Mayors of American cities accused Trump of tyranny

A message has been sent to the US Congress from the mayors of the country's largest cities demanding that they investigate the legality of the actions of the President and his administration. Discontent with the local authorities was caused by the sending of security forces to the cities.

Mayors of a dozen major American cities have spoken out against the actions of security forces involved in quelling the protesters. Detachments were sent to cities by US President Donald Trump. Mayors have asked Congress to respond to what is happening, CNN reports.

The document sent to the Parliament is signed by the mayors of Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, Los Angeles, and other American cities. According to officials, special teams were sent by the President without coordination of these actions with the city leadership. The authors of the message believe that the President sent the security forces for political purposes, and not to pacify the protesters. In addition, security forces do not have the skills to work with citizens in crisis situations, and their actions often lead to an escalation of the conflict.

For example, in Portland, a protester suffered a fractured skull after being shot by a squad member. In some cases, security forces put protesters in an unmarked car and took them away. According to the mayors, these and other facts indicate the establishment of tyranny in the country.

The mayors stressed that most of the protests are peaceful, and the President is trying to ”clean up“ the city of protesters, which is a violation of the rights of Americans. The mayors appealed to Congress and called on it to investigate these facts. Separate letters were received by the heads of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of internal security, they contained a request to recall the security forces.

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