The US presidential race is gaining momentum

Donald Trump is pleased with the effect of the Department of homeland security's border patrol team's work to restore order in Portland, Oregon. Now the US President intends to send them to Chicago — another center of protests and pogroms.

Local authorities are asking Trump not to invite his “ stormtroopers” to Chicago, and instead, just give them more money for the needs of the police. But the White House has already made a political decision not to allocate Federal grants to megacities whose leadership did not want to cope with the anarchist riots.

Joe Biden's associates seriously believe that trump's decision to send border guards to major cities is an attempt at a military coup before the election. Democrats hope to appear as civil rights advocates against this backdrop.

However, there may be a problem with this. The scandal surrounding the 1985 transcript, in which Biden utters the word “nigger" 13 times, is gaining momentum. And this is the case right at the meeting of the Senate, where Biden was the Chairman of the Legal Committee at the time.

Just a year later, the future Vice President will go to his friends, “ southern Democrats” in Alabama, and almost directly say that the issue of civil rights protection does not interest him much.

It seems that Kanye West's chances of stealing a significant portion of the black electorate from Biden are growing. The rapper, however, is not doing very well with the organization of his campaign: and his family is trying to dissuade West from participating in the election. But he is determined to go all the way.

There are about three months left until the voting day on November 3. However, more than 150 lawsuits about the details of this year's election process are already being heard in American courts.

In the face of an epidemic, state election commissions are practicing how to optimize the voting procedure. The number of polling stations is being reduced (in some cities there are only two or three), self-service points for collecting ballots are being opened, and the notorious “postal” voting is being introduced everywhere.

At the same time, there are no new mechanisms to ensure the integrity of elections. In the current circumstances, it will be extremely difficult to monitor the correctness of the voting procedure. For example, voting by mail simply does not provide for this — as does the practice of “collecting ballots”, when election staff go to the homes of voters and take their ballots to the polling station.

Republicans managed to ban the “collection of ballots” in Florida through the court. However, in California and Pennsylvania, it was legalized and will be used in the upcoming elections.

Joe Biden's staff is blaming Trump for not recognizing the election results. Although it is obvious that the Democrats themselves will nod their heads at foreign bots and “Russian hackers” in case of defeat, as they already did four years ago.

One way or another, after the election results, we should expect a flood of lawsuits and months of legal battles, compared to which the elections of 2000 and 2016 will seem like flowers. This situation will hit the legitimacy of the candidates who win in November.

Political analysts are preparing for the fact that after election night, America will Wake up, not really understanding who won the presidential race, and which party now controls the Senate and the House of representatives.

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