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Protests in the US continue. Riots in Portland...

Protests in the US continue. Riots in Portland...

Federal paramilitary units were sent to Portland to contain the protests, but they only escalated the standoff.

Anti-racist protests continue in the US. The standoff is particularly fierce in Portland. To make matters worse, unmarked paramilitary units appeared in the city and harshly detained protesters. Because of this, the conflict turned into a real war between demonstrators and unknown military personnel.

What kind of military?

The anti-racism protests in Portland were more like a city festival: demonstrators danced, sang songs, and socialized with each other. At night, far more determined protesters gathered outside the district court. On July 4, for example, the building was pelted with stones and fireworks, and a few days later they tried to erect improvised barricades around the court complex.

After that, unidentified military personnel appeared in the city, stationed in the district court building, and in the first weeks only rarely left it. When the protesters got too close, people in camouflage appeared on the steps of the complex. They used tear gas, dispersed demonstrators with batons, and used rubber bullets and mini-grenades with pepper gas.

But in the past week, units have begun clashing with demonstrators outside the court complex. On June 15, one of the protesters suffered a severe head injury. According to local police estimates, at least 13 residents of Portland were illegally detained: people in camouflage forced them into unmarked minibusses and took them away for questioning.

After that, at the end of last week, a real war broke out in downtown Portland between demonstrators and unknown military personnel.

It was only over the weekend that the unknown military personnel who appeared in Portland at the beginning of July became known to which Department they belong. The acting head of the US Department of homeland security, Chad wolf, confirmed that special forces of the US border and customs service (SVR) and rapid response units of the Federal marshal's service were sent to the city.

The military scandal

The state attorney has officially filed a lawsuit against the US Department of homeland security and several other agencies, saying that people in camouflage uniforms illegally and aggressively detain people.

In response, the US President called the actions of the unknown military a great job, promising to send the same units to other cities.

The list included new York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, and Oakland. The mayors of all these cities are headed by democratic politicians.

“These cities are run by liberals, and run very stupidly, “Trump said, explaining that he intends to end” rampant anarchists and agitators.”

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