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Technologies that were considered science fiction until recently

Technology does not standstill. Every year, experts come up with something new that can change our usual worldview. We offer a selection of interesting innovative inventions that most people do not even know about.

1. “Growing robot”

This amazing invention is trained to grow in any desired direction. The “growing robot” is relevant in various fields of science and everyday life, such as rescue or construction. In fact, it is a soft transparent tube that can rotate and inflate in any direction. It is very difficult to create such a robot, but the possibilities of its safe interaction with a human are amazing.

It can penetrate into any hard-to-reach places, move independently due to the camera, and a special algorithm that monitors the location of the target and always leaves it in the field of view of the video. The robot does not even need to be controlled — it knows where to move, and turns are provided by changing the pressure. The air pressure inside the robot is sufficient to lift a load weighing up to 70 kg.

2. D3O Impact Protection

This technology has been around since 1999. For 20 years of its existence, it has made a real furor in the market of protective equipment. In its normal state, D3O is a flexible, elastic material. However, with a significant physical impact, the properties of the material change: it becomes very hard and has the feature of absorbing the force of the impact so that it is not even felt under it.

With D3O, a shocking experiment is possible: the material can be wrapped around the hand, and then hit with a heavy hammer, while the fingers remain intact and even the pain will not be felt. The shock wave does not deform the material, but spreads over its entire surface, thereby significantly reducing it. Thanks to these unique properties, D3O is used to create protection for military personnel, athletes, and security professionals. In addition to excellent protective qualities, it has elasticity, which means that it does not constrain movements.

3. The Frog

Those who train often, sooner or later encounter the problem of the monotony of movements and exercises. Training programs are boring, and the muscles get used to the loads. Especially for this situation, modern developers have come up with a new type of simulator the Frog, which is able to bring variety to the usual training routine. On the simulator, you can simultaneously work out all muscle groups or each separately.

The Frog has many modifications and features that can meet the needs of any student. For example, it comes with elastic bands for resistance equivalent to a weight of 4 to 27 kg. On each side of the simulator, you can attach several elastic bands, thereby adjusting the individual complexity of the exercise. You can assemble the simulator quickly enough without additional tools and only one person can do it. When disassembled, it is compact in storage.

4. Kitty Hawk Flyer

Many people dream of learning to fly like birds, when they want and where they want. With the innovative invention of the Kitty Hawk Flyer, this desire can be made a reality. The prototype of a huge multi-copter is a single-seat aircraft that is equipped with ten-screw electric motors. The device is powered by lithium-polymer batteries. The device is made of high-strength composite material, which is water-resistant, lightweight, and good aerodynamics. The Kitty Hawk Flyer can reach speeds of up to 32 km/h. It can rise to a height of up to three meters and is characterized by maximum ease of operation.

5. Ariamatic 240

Ariamatic 240 is an automatic toilet machine that will help you save not only time but also money when cleaning city streets. Street cleaning manually takes a lot of effort, and with this unusual invention, one person can handle all the tasks in a shorter time. In fact, the Italian invention is a giant electric vacuum cleaner, which additionally has a recognition system. Ariamatic 240 collects any household and industrial waste. It works in conjunction with a person, but the latter's load is minimized.

The Ariamatic 240 machines recognize where the operator is and automatically follows them. If there is a risk of a collision, it stops automatically, which indicates a high level of safety. By the standards of a technical device with a wide range of functions, the Ariamatic 240 is quite compact and can move even on small streets. The entire filter system is built inside the machine, which minimizes emissions.

6. Traffic Stop Robot

To check documents, the police representative must get out of their car and approach the driver, which can be potentially dangerous. To avoid the risk, technologists have come up with a special robot assistant. It has a screen with the image of a police officer and a microphone so that communication with the driver is carried out without personal contact. The built-in check issuance system allows you to immediately issue a fine for a violation.

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