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London Protests: Brexit Opponents Against Johnson's Terms

In London, thousands of Brexit opponents marched on a peaceful demonstration. People are demanding that parliament not agree to Britain's secession from the European Union on the terms proposed by Boris Johnson.

If the Prime Minister is unable to collect the required number of votes, then he will have to ask for an extension from Brussels. Londoners call Johnson a liar and a manipulator who does not act in the interests of the country.

Everything goes more or less peacefully: not a march, but some kind of festivities. People carry EU flags, chanting slogans calling for referendum and democracy. Some protesters accuse Johnson of being not a British minister, but a puppet of Donald Trump.

This is just the beginning. In the evening, according to media reports, another rally will be held in London against Britain’s exit from the EU — in Parliament Square.

Bottom line: parliament voted for a postponement.

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