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Trump used photos from Ukraine in his political ad

Trump used photos from Ukraine in his political ad

The US President decided to illustrate “chaos and violence” with a picture from the Kyiv Maidan

The election headquarters of US President Donald Trump, who is losing to his rival Joe Biden before the November elections, was caught trying to portray the unrest using photos from Ukraine.

According to the BBC, a political ad appeared on the social network Facebook consisting of two images: one of Trump in a calm atmosphere meeting with police officers, and the other of a group of demonstrators fighting with a law enforcement officer in a protective helmet.

“Public safety against chaos and violence,” reads the caption.

The second photo was taken during the independence square protests in Kyiv on February 18, 2014, and was even published on the English-language page of The revolution of Dignity on Wikipedia.

The ad campaign says that it was launched by the organization “Evangelicals For Trump”, but the Sponsored field indicates that the campaign headquarters of the current President paid for its publication on Facebook.

Facebook has already launched an investigation into this matter.

The headquarters of Donald Trump has not yet commented on the incident.

It is interesting that to illustrate the chaos and unrest American President could use no less colorful images of the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, which have not stopped for almost two months in some American cities due to the death of George Floyd.

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