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The judicial process on the case of Boeing MH17 crash is delayed

The judicial process on the case of Boeing MH17 crash is delayed

The court sessions on the case of the Malaysian Boeing MH17 crash in the Donbas, which were stopped on July 4, will resume on August 31, but the consideration of the merits may not begin this year.

This was announced on July 21 in the press service of the Prosecutor's office of the Netherlands.

“Judicial process in the case of MH17 will resume on August 31. However, the case is not expected to be considered on its merits until 2021, “ the Agency said.

It also became known about the change in the prosecution team: instead of the Prosecutor, the Dedi Vui-A-Tsoi, Manon Ridderbeks will prove Russia's guilt in the tragedy. Vui-A-Tsoi was forced to leave the team, as she received a position in the Prosecutor's office of Rotterdam.

The Prosecutor's office noted that Ridderbeks has been actively involved in the investigation of the MH17 crash since 2014 and “has extensive knowledge and experience.” The other two prosecutors, Berger and Wardes Ferdinandusse remain in their seats.

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