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In Stockholm, because of the pandemic, the Nobel Banquet was canceled

The Nobel Banquet in Stockholm on December 10-the culmination of the Nobel celebrations in honor of the winners of the most prestigious scientific and literary prize in the world — will not take place this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by the Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation Lars Heikensten.

“There are two problems. It is impossible to gather so many people in close quarters next to each other. And it is unclear whether people will be able to go to Sweden the way they want, “ he said.

As usual, the Nobel laureates will be announced in early October, but it is still unclear how the award ceremony will take place. “Just as usual, everyone will probably not be sitting in the Philharmonic hall. But it may happen that some winners will come to Stockholm, and some will stay in their homeland and that we will somehow connect them [to the ceremony] digitally, “ Heikensten explained.

Together with representatives of the Royal family, laureates and their relatives, members of the Nobel committees, leaders of the country, and leaders of major political parties, 200 students from Swedish universities are invited to the celebration at the city hall — a total of 1,300 people. The first Nobel Banquet at the Grand hotel in 1901 was attended by only 133 exclusively male guests. In 1907, the Nobel Banquet was canceled due to the death of King Oscar II.

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