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In the Philippines: who do not wear a mask — prison...

In the Philippines: who do not wear a mask  —  prison...

In the Philippines, where a four-week-old baby died of coronavirus earlier, they decided to introduce strict control measures for compliance with the mandatory mask regime.

In particular, as reported by Reuters, on July 20, President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to arrest those who do not wear a mask and violate the distance.

“We have no doubt that it is necessary to arrest those who do not wear a mask and do not keep a safe distance in the context of the pandemic. This is a serious crime. Let their arrest serve as a good lesson to others, “ said Duterte, who in April threatened to shoot violators of the self-isolation regime.

It is worth noting that the Philippines ranks second in Southeast Asia in terms of the number of victims of the pandemic — there are 1,835 of them in this country. Also in the Philippines, there is a sharp jump in the incidence of diseases — after the easing of the quarantine in June, the number of infected people has quadrupled and now reached almost 69 thousand.

Against this background, the authorities have threatened to forcibly move patients in light form from their homes to hospitals, despite accusations of human rights violations.

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