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Trump has accused Democrats of threatening American democracy

Meeting with voters in Dallas, Texas, US President again criticized impeachment investigation

US President Donald Trump has accused Democrats of threatening “democracy itself” and has issued a new batch of criticism to his opponents, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in connection with the impeachment investigation.

“The more America reaches, the more hatred and anger these crazy Democrats feel. They are crazy, ”Trump said, speaking at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

We will remind, Pelosi has initiated an investigation into impeachment in the House of Representatives in connection with the emergence of information that Trump tried to persuade the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to open an investigation into the former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Trump called the witch-hunt impeachment investigation and said Democrats are trying to change the outcome of the 2016 election he won.

“Crazy Nancy. This crazy Nancy, she's crazy, “Trump said of Pelosi.

“The survival of America's democracy itself is at stake,” the president said. “That's what they are seeking. But we will never allow it. “

Trump's speech in Dallas aims to activate his key electorate in the state, where he is predicted to win the 2020 election. Texas has not voted for Democrats since the Jimmy Carter presidential election in 1976, but with the increase in Democratic voters in big cities such as Austin and Houston, the fight may prove tougher than usual.

It is assumed that Trump will not win the election unless he receives the votes of 38 state electors in the electoral college. Following two events in Texas, Trump managed to raise $5.5 million in his campaign for re-election and in favor of the National Committee of the Republican Party.

A former member of the House of Representatives and presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, Beth O'Rourke, ranked far behind his rivals, held his own event in the Texas city of Grand Prairie.

“The president sows hatred and racism. It tries to make people fear the differences between them. But today the Texans are rallying, and we will all fight back, ” O'Rourke wrote on Twitter.

Prior to the rally, the president attended the opening ceremony of a new Louis Vuitton plant near Alvarado. The event was attended by Bernard Arnaud, chairman of the French conglomerate, which is engaged in the production of expensive brands. Also, present at the opening were daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump with her husband, Jared Kushner.

Louis Vuitton has signed on to the Promise of American Workers, an initiative by the Trump administration to increase high-paying jobs in the United States. The Keane Leather Factory, a small town near Alvarado, will employ about 1,000 people in the next five years. The county in which the plant was built will provide the company with tax benefits for a period of ten years.

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