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The US wants to take a leadership position in space exploration

The US wants to take a leadership position in space exploration

Journalists of the Australian portal The Conversation reported that the US is preparing to take a leadership position in space exploration.

They explained that this is indicated by the Artemis Accords agreement proposed by NASA specialists, which approves the legal framework for mining on the moon. According to Washington's idea, the document should complement the “space Treaty”, which was adopted in 1967.

The document provoked a sharp reaction from a number of States, who saw in it the refusal of the States to recognize the Agreement on the activities of States on the moon and other celestial bodies. It is specified that the satellite research is considered the property of all mankind.

Now NASA has offered a different agreement. It is allegedly intended to establish legal principles for the extraction and use of space resources. Under this initiative, the United States will sign collective agreements with other countries.

As the publication stressed, the Treaty demonstrates the principles of the current US policy. According to journalists, Washington once again shows that it is not going to comply with international law.

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