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There are no opponents of wearing masks in the US leadership

There are no opponents of wearing masks in the US leadership

Everyone in the US administration is aware of the need to seek the wearing of masks by residents of the country, US surgeon General Jerome Adams said on Monday.

“We are not trying to take away your freedoms,” he told Fox News, explaining that wearing a mask should not be perceived as infringing on citizen's freedoms.

In addition, he noted that in Washington, the presidential administration supports this measure. “This entire administration now supports the wearing of masks,” Adams said.

The topic of wearing masks in recent months has been widely covered by the US media. In particular, they are interested in why the President of the country, Donald Trump, at first flatly refused to put on a mask, and in the end-began to do so, but reluctantly. Trump himself explained that he is so often tested for coronavirus that he does not need a mask. At the same time, a number of media outlets noted that even in this case, the head of state could often appear in a mask to set an example to his compatriots.

By Monday, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the United States during the pandemic exceeded 3.77 million, among them 140 thousand people died.

Most cases of infection identified in the state of New York- more 406,7 thousand in California — more than 386 thousand cases in Florida — more than 35 thousand cases in Texas — more than 335 thousand in new Jersey- more 176,7 thousand cases in Illinois — more than 162,7 thousand cases in Arizona — more 143,6 thousand cases in Jordii — over 143 thousand cases in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania — for 113 million and 105 thousand cases.

On the eve of the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Hubert Minnis announced that Americans will be banned from entering the territory of the Islands, as the number of infections in this country continues to grow, and flights to the United States will also be suspended. Moreover, the national airline Bahamas Air will stop flights to the United States immediately.

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