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Facebook was left without the largest advertiser due to racism

The Walt Disney Company significantly reduced the cost of its advertising on Facebook amid the ongoing boycott of the social network due to the lack of a tough fight against racism, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing data from the research company Pathmatics.

The company was ranked first on Facebook ad spending in the first half of 2020 and second in 2019. The movie Studio spent $210 million to display ads for its Disney+streaming service. Walt Disney also stops advertising the ABC TV channel and cable networks.

According to the publication, Disney-owned company — operator of the service, Hulu has suspended the placement in Instagram — social network belonging to Facebook. Only from April 15 to June 30, Hulu allocated $16 million for Instagram advertising.

The Facebook boycott began in June of this year, with more than a hundred companies around the world announcing that they were suspending ads because, in their opinion, Facebook was not taking sufficient measures to remove messages of a racist nature and misleading information. In addition to commercial companies, human rights organizations and the Council of rabbis of Europe participate in the boycott.

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