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Trump admitted US failure in the Middle East, Iran said

The United States decided to withdraw the military from northern Syria, which, according to senior Iranian military commander Ali Shamkhani, speaks of the failure of the American campaign in the Middle East. Tehran is confident that the States have acknowledged their mistake and will now leave the region.

The Secretary of the Iranian High-Security Council, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, believes that the United States has recognized the failure of its campaign in the Middle East. In his article for Mehr, he cited a series of White House decisions that, in his opinion, confirm this point of view.

One of the evidence of the failed policy, according to Shamkhani, is the decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria. US leader Donald Trump took this step in October, after which Turkey launched an Islamic State operation against Kurds and terrorists in the area. The actions of the head of the White House caused a great resonance in the United States, the president received a wave of criticism from representatives of the Democratic Party and even some Republicans. In response, Trump said that Washington had already spent $8 trillion on military operations and police activities in the Middle East, and also called the US invasion of the region “the worst solution.”

Thus, the American leader openly acknowledged the failure of the United States in the Middle East, since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Shamkhani points out. According to the Iranian rear admiral, now Washington understands the stupidity of its actions in the region. However, changes in US policy began before Trump's speech, the military is sure.

A good example, in his opinion, was also the incident with the drones attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia in mid-September. Although the Hussite rebels took responsibility for the attack, Washington and Riyadh linked the attack to Iran. However, the United States did not take any military action, despite the requests of the Saudis.

US officials clearly emphasized that they were not going to help Riyadh, said Shamkhani. Washington refused to use force because only Saudi objects were attacked, said Rear Admiral.

Such events lead to the fact that the United States realized the need to abandon the “mask of a superpower,” Shamkhani is sure. According to the military, Washington will have to take a realistic approach to free itself from the enormous cost of its strategic projects in the Middle East.

Shamkhani suggests that all these events will ultimately lead to the US withdrawal from the Middle East. At the same time, the US military has so far left only the north of Syria, and in total, according to the Pentagon, there are more than 1.7 thousand US soldiers in the republic. In addition, Trump himself said that the American contingent will leave Syria only when it is convinced of the final victory over the Islamic State terrorist organization.

“Trump took a couple of dozen American soldiers from an area controlled by the Kurds. The Americans have no obligations towards the Kurds, they are not their strategically and have nothing to do with the problems of US state interests and security, ” said military expert Jacob Kedmi.

In addition, if the US military is illegally in Syria since Damascus opposes them, there are official military bases in the United States in Qatar and Bahrain. At the same time, in the Middle East, Washington is trying to realize part of its long-playing ideas, such as resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and resolving the situation in Afghanistan — the US authorities have not officially abandoned their initiatives.

However, Shamkhani’s conclusions regarding a change in US policy in the Middle East are partially correct. Trump, judging by his statements, is really determined to remove most of the US military from the Middle East. So, starting last year, he promises to withdraw troops from Syria and is also considering the possibility of American soldiers leaving Afghanistan. So far this has not happened, but Trump repeats the words about “senseless wars” quite often.

By the way, the US president is really different from his predecessors in this matter and has not yet launched a single war. For example, the former American leader Barack Obama twice increased the US contingent in Afghanistan during his presidency, launched the US campaign in Syria and approved the operation in Libya. Trump is still not a “war criminal”. Such methods are unacceptable to Trump, the expert added.

“He makes harsh statements, sends an armada to North Korea, but ultimately tries to avoid a military conflict. Under Trump, the US has not bombed anyone yet, there were some minor events in Afghanistan and Syria that were not accepted at the president’s level, ” the expert explained.

This line as a whole is confirmed by Trump's recognition of US errors in the Middle East — before that, senior US officials did not make such statements. However, it is still unknown whether this will lead to US withdrawal from the region.

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