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In France, called the size of the fine for the absence of a mask in public places

A fine of €135 for being without a mask in closed public places will be imposed across France from July 20 by the French authorities, Le Parisien newspaper reported on July 19.

With reference to the Ministry of the health of the country, it is indicated that the amount of the fine for the absence of a mask will be the same as currently applied for being without a mask on public transport — €135.

Due to a sharp increase in cases of confirmed COVID-19, the rule of mandatory universal wearing of a mask and a fine of €135 for its absence has already been introduced in Mayenne. It is noted that in Belgium, fines for the absence of masks in public places have already been sanctioned, but in a larger amount — €250. There is information that England will introduce fines of €110.

The decree specifying the places where you need to wear a mask is expected on July 21. Health Minister Olivier Verand has already put forward some proposals. It is assumed that the rules for wearing masks will be extended to shopping centers and closed markets.

According to the publication, it is logical to introduce mandatory wearing of masks also at train stations, waiting rooms in hotels, covered Parking lots, and University lecture halls.

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