The media learned the possible location of the missing friend of the Russian special services

Former Top Manager of the German Wirecard Jan Marsalek, who spoke about cooperation with the Russian security services, maybe in Belarus. This was reported by the magazine Der Spiegel.

Jan Marsalek worked as a key strategist for the German company Wirecard. He was last seen on June 18, after which Marsalek disappeared. On July 19, the company was declared bankrupt: more than $2 billion was lost from its accounts. The head of Wirecard resigned, and Marsalek was fired. The German Prosecutor's office received a warrant for his arrest, but Marsalek disappeared.

Earlier, the Philippine authorities said that the former top Manager arrived in the country on June 23. However, this version was not confirmed.

Now there is information about the location of Marsalek in Minsk or Russia: the Russian register of entries and exits has a record of crossing the border of the Union state. It can be either Belarus or Russia, so it is not known exactly where the top Manager is now.

These data confirm the version of Marsalek's cooperation with the Russian special services, the authors of the investigation claim. It is also known that the top Manager told third parties about his trip to Syria together with Russian specialists. In addition, Marsalek claimed that the results of the investigation of the attempt on Sergei Skripal are available to him. In this way, he tried to increase the attractiveness of Wirecard to investors.

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