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The age of hackers who staged a large-scale hack of Twitter is 19 and 20 years old

According to The New York Times, the social network was attacked by young people aged 19 to 21, one of whom, according to him, still lives with his mother.

On the night of July 15-16, Twitter was subjected to one of the largest hacker attacks in its history — hackers, among other things, gained access to the accounts of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft founder bill gates, and the head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk.

Hackers published entries in the hacked accounts with an offer to send any amount in bitcoins to the specified account and get twice as much money after that. Twitter almost immediately blocked profiles with such publications, and on the morning of July 16 reported that hackers managed to hack the social network using social engineering, that is, manipulation of company employees.

On July 18, Twitter revealed other details of the hacker attack. According to the company, hackers tried to gain access to 130 accounts but were able to change passwords for 45 profiles. In at least eight of them, hackers downloaded all the account data. Twitter noted that none of these eight profiles belong to verified users.

The New York Times contacted the people who attacked Twitter — they confirmed their involvement in the hack with logs and screenshots of conversations on Twitter and Discord.

According to the publication, the social network was hacked by four young hackers who had not worked together before:

"ever so anxious" - claims that he is 19 years old and that he lives in the South of England with his mother

"lol" —according to him, an American from the West coast of the United States aged 20 to 30 years

"PlugWalkJoe" - stated that his name is Joseph O'Connor, he is 21 years old and from the UK, but now lives in Spain

Kirk — the head of the attack on Twitter, about which there is no information. It was he who got access to the confidential data of Twitter employees through their correspondence in Slack.

As told to "lol" and "ever so anxious", kirk attracted them to resell the addresses of hacked Twitter accounts — so, they managed to sell a profile with the address @y for 1.5 thousand dollars in bitcoins.

In total, kirk, according to his accomplices, earned about 20 bitcoins, or 180 thousand dollars, from the attack. After that, Twitter managed to restrict hackers ' access to the social network, and kirk stopped communicating with other hackers — his identity, location, and motives are still unknown.

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