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North Korea is preparing for a full-scale war with South Korea

North Korea is preparing for a full-scale war with South Korea

Kim Jong-un has already discussed the military readiness of the army with the party leadership.

North Korea, which recently again refused to resume negotiations with the United States, is preparing to confront a potential military threat in connection with the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

A meeting of the Central Military Committee of the Labor party was called to discuss the situation in the country.

According to the Korean Central Telegraph Agency, the meeting considered "the strategic tasks of the main units to respond to the military situation in the area of the Korean Peninsula and the problems of potential military threats and combat readiness, as well as touched upon key issues of further strengthening the policy of military deterrence."

It is also known that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was present at this meeting.

He discussed the combat readiness of the country's army.

After the extended part of the meeting, another closed meeting was held.

During it, strategic tasks and readiness for operations and mobilization of leading military units were considered.

We also told you that South Korea has launched a criminal investigation against the sister of North Korean leader Kim Yo Jong because of the destruction of the inter-Korean communications office in the border city of Kaesong.

Recall that the inter-Korean communication office was blown up by the DPRK exactly a month ago, on June 16. A week earlier, Pyongyang decided to block all communication lines with South Korea and " stop other unnecessary actions."

Such a sharp reaction from North Korea was caused by activists who sent leaflets with propaganda against the ruling regime from the border areas in the direction of the DPRK. In addition to cutting ties with the South, the North also threatened to close the inter-Korean Industrial Park in Kaesong, send troops to border areas and resume military exercises on the southern border.

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