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COVID-19: one million people infected in 100 hours

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has set a new anti-record for the rate of spread. Over the past 100 hours, a million cases of infection have been confirmed worldwide. The total number of infected people exceeded 14 million, according to Reuters on Saturday, July 18.

The number of infected people in the world has exceeded 14 million, and the victims of the pandemic-more than 600 thousand.

“The spread of coronavirus is accelerating most rapidly in the Americas, accounting for more than half of the world's infections and half of the deaths,” the agency writes.

Most affected by the pandemic in the United States, where 3.7 million cases of infection have been officially confirmed. And in recent days, the number of cases detected there daily exceeded 70 thousand. Brazil is in second place with 2 million cases, and India is third with over 1 million cases.

According to the statistics website Worldometer, the number of victims of the pandemic exceeded 600 thousand people. The largest number of deaths occurred in the US (142 thousand), Brazil (78 thousand), and the UK (45 thousand).

Recall that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is beginning in the world. In this regard, different countries return previously removed quarantine measures and introduce new ones.

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