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In Nantes, France, an ancient Cathedral caught fire. Video

On Saturday morning in the French city of Nantes, a strong fire broke out in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. This is reported by radio France Bleu on July 18.

As you can see in the released videos, thick clouds of smoke rise from the stained glass window between the two towers of the building. Strong flames are also visible.

Firefighters are still unable to cope with the fire. About 60 rescuers are working on the spot. Police forces have been deployed.

The fire in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul has not yet been brought under control

The Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul in Nantes was founded in 1434 and was built for 457 years-until 1891. This is one of the largest Gothic churches in France — just on the six meters below the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

It is noted that the Gothic Cathedral of the XV century in Nantes already burned on January 28, 1972, after which it was closed for three years for repairs.

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