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The U.S. banned the installation of Confederate flags at military facilities

US defense Secretary Mark Esper published on his Twitter page a list of flags that can be hung on American military facilities. The flag of the Confederate army is not on this list.

Southerners fought under the Confederate flag during the American civil war in 1861-1865. The Confederacy of the southern States was formed as a result of the secession of 13 southern slave States from the Union. After being defeated in the war, the Confederate States ceased to exist and were reintegrated into the United States during the reconstruction process of the South.

“With this change in policy, we will further improve the morale, cohesion, and readiness of the forces to protect our great nation,” Mr. Esper commented on the decision.

The decision of the US Department of defense was made against the backdrop of a large-scale campaign against racism in the country.

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