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Scientists are studying another way to transmit the coronavirus

Scientists are studying the possibility of transmitting the coronavirus by the fecal-oral route, but there is no confirmation of this version yet. This was stated by World Health Organization expert Maria van Kerkhove.

She confirmed that studies have already been conducted on stool samples of infected patients, in which fragments of the virus's genetic material were found. “Many people are investigating the possibility of transmitting the disease by the fecal-oral route. We have not found evidence of this, but such studies are being conducted, “ the who expert said.

According to van Kerkhove, “the fact that RNA of the virus is detected in the stool does not mean that this kind of transmission pathway is possible.” According to her, it is much more important to think not about possible ways to transmit the virus, but about how to minimize risks and prevent infection.

Earlier, WHO recognized another method of infection COVID-19. They say you can not exclude the possibility of transmission by air in public places, especially in very specific conditions: in crowded, closed, poorly ventilated areas.

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