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The US threatens Turkey with sanctions for S-400 purchase

The US threatens Turkey with sanctions for S-400 purchase

US Congressmen from the Republican and Democratic parties have introduced a bill to impose sanctions against Turkey in connection with the purchase of Russian s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

This was announced by one of the initiators of the project, a member of the US House of representatives from the Republican party Adam Kinzinger. The bill was also sponsored by Democrat Abigail Spanberger and Republican Michael McCaull.

“Turkey continues to make questionable decisions that do not reflect the leadership of NATO. A year ago, Turkey ignored warnings from NATO members about an arms deal with Russia and accepted it's the first batch of Russian-made S-400 missile DEFENSE systems. We need to make it clear that their actions will not be tolerated, and they will have serious consequences, “ Kinzinger said.

In turn, Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the US House of representatives foreign Affairs Committee, stressed that Turkey, as a NATO ally that acquires Russian SAMS, is a threat to the US and the entire Alliance.

“The administration must impose sanctions, according to the law, in response to Turkey's purchase of S-400 installations, provided that Turkey does not take the steps specified in this bill to repair the damage caused. I sincerely hope that Turkey will choose the United States and our NATO allies over Russia,” he said.

In July 2019, deliveries of Russian S-400 SAMS for the needs of the Turkish army began. Ankara explained that the contract with Moscow is “dictated by reality” since Turkish airspace is unprotected.

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