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Merkel expects very difficult negotiations at the EU summit

On the agenda of the meeting are the EU budget for the next seven years and the creation of a Fund to combat the consequences of the pandemic. Angela Merkel noted that the disagreements between the participants of the meeting are very large.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel predicts very difficult negotiations at the two-day summit of the European Union, which opened on Friday, July 17. “The disagreements in the positions of the parties are very, very large, so I cannot predict whether we will achieve a result this time too,” she said before the meeting. The EPD Agency notes that the Federal Chancellor now has a special responsibility, since Germany has been holding the rotating post of President of the European Union since July 1.

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, called the opening day of the summit a day of great importance. She noted that it is not only about overcoming the crisis, but also about modernizing the EU, digitalization, and the conclusion of a “big deal” on reorienting the economy and society to enhanced environmental protection and sustainable development.

Deep disagreements

The first physical meeting of heads of state and government of the 27 EU countries since the start of the coronavirus pandemic will discuss, among other things, the EU budget for the next seven years (medium-term planning) and the creation of a Fund to combat the economic consequences of the pandemic.

President of the EU Council Charles Michel proposed to approve the EU budget in the amount of 1.075 trillion euros and allocate 750 billion euros for the creation of the Fund. The summit participants are far from united on the issue of sharing the financial burden.

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