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Summit in Moscow — what Putin and Maduro agreed

While scandalous meetings of the UN General Assembly with the participation of the "sick" Greta are taking place in the United States, a Russian-Venezuelan summit was held in the Russian capital. The leaders of the two countries discussed the widest range of issues from the modern geopolitical agenda, including bilateral relations between Moscow and Caracas, as well as the situation in Latin America as a whole.

Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Nicholas Maduro took place in the form of a working face-to-face breakfast. Maduro flew to the Russian Federation, despite the difficult situation in the Bolivarian Republic. For almost half a year Venezuela has been in a crisis situation, and not only from the point of view of the economy. The USA is actively rocking the political stability of this Latin American state. But the Kremlin has always supported Maduro, so at a difficult time, he flew to the Mother See to seek advice and help from Putin.

“The growth in trade in recent months amounted to 10%. To a large extent, this is due to counter deliveries, including agricultural products, ” Vladimir Putin emphasized. Last year alone, Russia exported to Venezuela about two hundred and fifty thousand tons of grain crops for a total of $57 million, and plans for this year already include a figure of six hundred thousand tons of wheat.

Further, the presidents discussed the joint development of Venezuelan oil and gas fields. The Russian leader emphasized that Moscow is also interested in the extraction of diamonds and gold in Venezuela and its coastal waters. Leaders did not forget the fact that the Bolivarian Republic is the largest buyer of Russian-made weapons.

At the end of the meeting, Vladimir Putin assured Nicholas Maduro of further support for official Caracas from Moscow. Russia will always be on the side of Venezuela in its struggle to maintain state sovereignty. The United States wants to push its manual politician Juan Guaido into the presidency, but all the strength and power of the Russian Federation stands in defense of the country's legitimate president.

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