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Does the US want war with China?

The U.S. excessive love of sanctions could lead to a full-scale war: Trump approved restrictions against the PRC on Hong Kong to “hold Beijing accountable for wrongdoing to the Chinese of the special area.”

The economic and political rivalry between the Americans and China has long been known. However, the controversy over Hong Kong is a new chapter in the story. At the same time, American sanctions are for some reason directed against the city itself, prohibiting local police officers from training in America, depriving them of advantages in exporting American technologies, etc.

China's response was not long in coming: the Chinese authorities said that Washington was brazenly interfering in the affairs of another state, ignoring international law and norms of relations between States. According to experts, the US will continue to try to pressure the growth of the political and economic independence of China. It is very likely that this rivalry may well develop into a world war, and because of any small thing or ridiculous sequence of events.

If we consider that now Hong Kong is a weak point in China, and the power of mutual strikes of the opposing States is only increasing, the situation becomes extremely dangerous. According to the experts, the only deterrent to this conflict is the presence of nuclear weapons. We can only hope that these attacks will not result in something more, otherwise, there will be trouble for both opponents and neighboring States.

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