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The US continues to ignore its NATO allies

The US continues to ignore its NATO allies

The discussion of increasing the US military presence in Poland continues to take place behind the backs of Washington's NATO allies, despite its promises to make this process as transparent as possible.

On July 14, US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy arrived in Warsaw on an unannounced visit. He held talks with the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Mariusz Blaszczak, where the parties discussed further strengthening of the us-Polish military cooperation, and also clarified the details of increasing the US military presence in Poland after the withdrawal of part of the US contingent from neighboring Germany.

As a result of the talks, neither the Polish defense Ministry nor representatives of the Pentagon made any specific statements. Officials waved off journalists with only a couple of routine phrases about the high contribution of the United States to the security of Eastern Europe and the need to further deepen cooperation between Warsaw and Washington.

Everything would be fine, but the unannounced visit of the American Minister to Poland, as well as the absence of any official information about its results, once again underlines that the US is absolutely not interested in the opinion of its NATO allies, and they intend to continue to pursue a bilateral foreign policy with the countries of Eastern Europe, bypassing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The fact is that after the sudden decision of Donald Trump to withdraw part of the American troops from Germany, Europe was very dissatisfied with Washington, since it did not consult with its allies on this issue. In Berlin, the US President was called a “bacterium for the Alliance”, which undermines the unity of NATO from within. And French President Emmanuel Macron once again declared the death of the NATO brain, referring to the complete loss of coordination of actions of the overseas ally with Europe.

To somehow respond to the barrage of criticism, following the talks between US defense Minister Mark Esper and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, held on June 26 in Brussels, the US official said that from now on all us troop movements in Europe will be discussed with the NATO allies and no decision will be made without their knowledge.

However, as shown by yesterday's unexpected meeting between McCarthy and Blaszczak for Europe, these words have remained words and Washington continues to hide the details of increasing its military presence in Poland from its allies, some of whom, by the way, absolutely do not support the build-up of US forces near the borders of Russia, as they do not see any sense in aggravating relations with Moscow. With such relations within the Alliance, it is not necessary to talk about the notorious unity of NATO, of course.

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