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TOP 10 unusual car gadgets

During the period of self-isolation, when almost all non-food stores were closed, online stores could rejoice... Selection of unusual – useful and not very-gadgets for the car...

1. Car ceiling monitor

It looks very similar to a laptop glued to the ceiling of a car. By and large, it is. You can insert a flash drive or memory card and passengers in the second and third rows can watch a movie or listen to music.

2. The lunch box heated

About the fact that there are clubs with a heated cigarette lighter, you probably know. This is a lunch box. In fact, this is an alternative to the microwave, only for cars. A good thing for fans of hot dinners and opponents of roadside cafes. The capacity is small — only 1 liter. But you will have to warm it for a long time — it will heat up to 25 degrees in 20 minutes.

3. Magnetic fuel saver

According to the sellers, this is just an incredible product, which will reduce the amount of fuel consumed by 22% and even add” horse speeds “ to the car. Install it on the fuel supply hose, depending on the model, you will need 2-3 such units. How does it work? Again, according to the sellers, “fuel molecules turn into cations” and this is why less gasoline is spent. To be honest, it's more like a divorce, but what if? We didn't find any reviews, so we ask you who used it? How do you like this unit?

4. The mini-toilet...

Well, what? What is natural, as they say, is not ugly. Everything happens in life. The set includes 4 pieces at once, suitable for both men and women, and accommodates such a bag almost a liter. This mini-toilet seller advises hiding in your purse. The main thing is not to forget later.

5. To avoid falling asleep at the wheel

It looks like a hearing aid and it attaches to the ear. As soon as the driver tilts his head forward and he beeps, right into this very ear. The main thing is to be on the lookout, or you'll need the gadget we wrote above.

6. Hangers

If you often wear jackets, they can be quite useful to you. Nothing special — made of plastic hangers and attached to the headrest.

7. Auto Blanket

If your car freezes in winter, buy a blanket for it. The seller assures that it is necessary to warm the engine compartment, so the engine does not freeze and you need to warm up the car less before the trip. But, we would not recommend it, otherwise, there is a chance to stay without a car.

8. Anti-rain

This is a protective film on the rearview mirror. It has water-repellent properties, thus maintaining visibility in mirrors. A long-known tool — and yet-has not yet been used it is difficult to imagine how long it “works”. How long does it last and how much rain does it wash away? If you enjoyed this, please share your reviews for sale in many online stores.

9. interior Heater

If your “stove” does not cope, then sell heaters for the interior that work from a cigarette lighter. Suitable for melting ice on the side window.


Another gadget that will keep you awake. It fits on your fingers and is equipped with a number of sensors that track your activity. If necessary, it gives a sound signal and begins to vibrate.

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