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In Switzerland is building a fantastic vault for the rich

In the Swiss Alps, in the thickness of the mountain, a Swiss company will build a giant safe Deposit box for the rich. For impressive rent, you can store any valuables — from diamonds to collectible cars. They will be safely hidden from robbers behind a multi-meter thickness of rocks.

Switzerland has always been a world Bank-a place where the rich kept their valuables. However, now the Swiss are raising banking security to a new level. They offered the rich to rent private storage facilities in the heart of the Alps. The Safe Deposit vault, the plan of which was recently presented to the public, will be located inside mount Bring, near Lucerne. There, for a price of half a million dollars, you can get a giant safe Deposit box and store everything you want-documents, jewelry, works of art, and even cars.

In Switzerland is building a fantastic vault for the rich

The creators of the mountain Treasury, the Swiss company Bruening Mega Safe AG offers to rent storage capacity from 100 to 10,000 cubic meters with a ceiling height of up to 10 meters. According to the company's representatives, the storage facility, whose total area will exceed the area of 10 football fields, will become “a completely safe place to store material resources or important documents.” The ceiling height in the storage is almost 10 meters: for example, antique works of art or rare cars of any size will fit here. The storage will constantly maintain a humidity level of 40% and a temperature of +12 degrees Celsius, which, according to experts, creates ideal conditions for storage.

The storage project is being implemented in collaboration with Gasser Felstechnik AG, a company specializing in underground construction and mining engineering. At the moment, the project creators are negotiating with interested organizations — art galleries and individuals. Most of them are representatives of Switzerland, but the company also hopes to attract defendants from abroad and is already negotiating with potential clients from Hong Kong. Construction, which will cost more than $7.5 million, will begin next year and last about a year and a half, after which the mining mega-safes will be available to future owners.

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