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In the United States, a third businessman was detained in the Trump case

Photo: theguardian.com
David Correa with Donald Trump

Entrepreneur David Correa flew to New York in order to voluntarily surrender to the authorities.

FBI agents arrested at New York Airport. Kennedy businessman David Correa, who is a business partner of Igor Fruman and Leo Parnassus, reports The Guardian.

David Correa is accused of violating campaign finance laws, financial fraud, and illegally lobbying for a foreign country in the United States.

The entrepreneur flew to New York in order to voluntarily surrender to the authorities.

This is the fourth person arrested for campaign finance violations related to Rudi Giuliani's partners.

Correa, 44, was named for indictment along with two associates Giuliani and another man arrested last week on charges of illegally contributing to support Donald Trump in the election.

Recall that the lawyer of the head of US President Donald Trump, Rudolf Giuliani, was in the spotlight of the media after a major scandal broke out in Washington over allegations of Trump putting pressure on President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during a telephone conversation to encourage Kyiv to help the head of the Washington administration reelect for a second term in 2020.

It has been suggested that the American leader sought an investigation from his Ukrainian counterpart in the actions of ex-vice president Joe Biden’s son in exchange for providing financial and military assistance to Kyiv. After that, the United States launched the process of impeachment Trump.

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